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Under the directives of Hamdan bin Mohammed,Dubai Assembly for Generative AI to be held from 11 to 12 October 2023

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Under the directives of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, Chairman of The Executive Council of Dubai, and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Dubai Future Foundation, the Dubai Assembly for Generative AI is set to take place from 11 to 12 October, 2023.

The Assembly aims to shape the future of generative AI, introduce governments and societies to the significant tools and opportunities provided by advanced technologies, and showcase key areas and sectors in which AI can be used to advance progress and enhance quality of life.

His Highness said: “Dubai has emerged as one of the cities with the fastest rates of adoption of new technologies and the highest uptake of their cutting-edge applications across the economy and government. The Dubai Assembly for Generative AI seeks to develop an inclusive vision for the future of generative AI, encompassing its forthcoming advancements and the promising opportunities it offers.

His Highness added: “Governments will experience profound changes due to technological advancements, particularly in the realm of AI. The rapid pace of these transformations necessitates a profound understanding and forward-thinking approach for shaping the future and converting challenges into new opportunities.”

The announcement follows the recent establishment of the Dubai Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DCAI), which aims to assist Dubai’s government entities in harnessing generative AI tools to elevate performance and deliver improved services that are rooted in future technologies.
International experts

The Dubai Assembly for Generative AI, organised by the Dubai Future Foundation, will take place from 11 to 12 October, 2023, at the Museum of the Future and AREA 2071 at Emirates Towers in Dubai. The event will bring together ministers, government officials, CEOs, experts from large technology companies, entrepreneurs, policymakers, investors, academics and tech startups.

The Assembly’s main focus is to highlight the importance of working with generative AI tools in both the public and private sectors, discuss their tremendous potential and bring together the government and enterprises to engage in conversations on emerging technology, the ways in which it can disrupt existing business models and the vast opportunities for value creation.

Comprehensive agenda
The Dubai Assembly for Generative AI will feature a diverse agenda encompassing keynote speeches, panel discussions and interactive sessions with esteemed speakers from the UAE, the region and around the world. These sessions will delve into the latest uses of generative AI, highlight prominent current and future technology trends, engage in sector deep-dives and showcase successful experiences.

In collaboration with the Assembly’s partners, including major technology companies, entrepreneurs, academic institutions, and local and international government entities, a range of interactive exhibitions, presentations, and side sessions will be organised. These activities will provide participants with valuable opportunities to engage, network, and explore cutting-edge developments in the generative AI landscape.

Key sectors
Sessions and activities at the Dubai Generative AI Assembly will focus on key sectors, including health, education, financial and banking services, software development, media, advertising, music, and entertainment. The Assembly will also examine the challenges resulting from the use of generative AI, addressing issues such as data misuse, intellectual property, and adherence to transparency and credibility standards.

Growing significance of generative AI
Generative AI has gained significant recognition as one of the most important technology trends this year, as acknowledged by various international organisations and companies such as the World Economic Forum, Gartner, Forbes, and LinkedIn. Leading technology giants, including Meta, Amazon, Microsoft, Google and IBM, have all made substantial investments in this field, highlighting its immense potential.

The upcoming Dubai Generative AI Assembly Building is set to build on the success of last year’s Dubai Metaverse Assembly, organised by the Dubai Future Foundation. With more than 25 workshops and panels featuring over 30 speakers and 40 local and international technology companies, the Dubai Metaverse Assembly served as a platform to foster discussions and collaborations.

The decision to focus on generative AI as the central theme for this year’s Assembly stems from the growing global interest in technology across various key sectors. The Dubai Future Foundation recognises the significance of hosting annual gatherings to encourage innovation and drive advancements in technological solutions.

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