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Applied R&D

Conducting in-house R&D activities that bridge the gap between industry and academia to develop and evaluate cutting-edge robotics and AI technologies and solutions. Our R&D activities tackles identified market challenges and pain points through the development of practical and impactful solutions.

R&D Activities: Autonomous Robotic Systems

Collaborative Mobile Robot for intralogistics
Warehouse Collaborative Mobile Robot for intralogistics, palletization and de-palletization
Lastmile Delivery Robot
Pick and Pack Collaborative Mobile Robot for order fulfilment

Other R&D Activities

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for last-mile delivery
  • Electric Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (E-CAVs) for future mobility in logistics.
  • Research areas of focus:
    • Robot autonomy and navigation 
    • Multi-Robot and swarm systems 
    • Robot perception 
    • Manipulation and grasping 
    • Non-conventional robot designs and mechanisms 

Studies and Research

Enabling Ecosystem

Enabling the deployment of advanced and emerging technologies in Dubai by providing technical facilities, know-how, and legal frameworks for innovators and their application. Additionally, we act as a catalyst and a connector to position Dubai as a key participant and a leader in global Robotics and Automation development and adoption.

Dubai Experimental Zone

A technology enablement initiative that accelerates the adoption of advanced technologies by identifying challenges, blockers and regulatory hurdles and addressing them in a sandboxed environment “Experimental Zone”.

Drone Experimental Zone: The first technology addressed as part of this program is the Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) Drone Experimental Zone. Together with our partners, we established a dedicated experimental zone with regulations and a certification process to enable the testing of BVLOS drone operations in preparation for their commercial deployment. The BVLOS program’s vision is to allow unmanned aerial vehicles to be widely deployed in Dubai in practical commercial applications.

R&D Legal and Governance Frameworks

Developing a framework model that could be adopted by local entities to govern the creation and protection of intellectual property and ensure its appropriate utilization.

Capacity Building

Harnessing and enriching local expertise to fulfil the requirements of future industries in robotics and automation.

Robotics and Automation Society

A society created to promote robotics across the UAE.

Internship Program

The internship program aims to provide young, talented and ambitious graduates with an opportunity to work in a highly diverse and fast-paced environment that fosters creativity, disruptive ideas and innovation. Interns will be supervised by senior professionals while working on their internship program. Interns. They will also be given access to a world-class facility that will enable them to expand their technical and engineering experience and work alongside experts in the field of robotics and A.I.

Fellowship Program

The fellowship program aims to bring forth a new generation of experimental researchers capable of carrying out applied research on challenges relevant to the industry. Research fellows will be supervised by senior researchers whilst working on their research activities. Fellows will be given access to a world-class research facility that will enable them to conduct cutting-edge impactful research and work alongside experts in the field of robotics and A.I. The areas of research include robotics manipulation, perception, localization, mapping, human-robot interaction, multi-agent robotics and robot locomotion.

Industrial PhD Program

A national talent development initiative that aims to build local capacity and expertise, which is one of DFL’s central mandates. DFL collaborates with leading global universities to host PhD students in its facilities and engage them in industry-relevant projects identified as central to Dubai’s key future sectors