This course is an intensive introduction to the world of emerging trends in future technologies and how innovation drives change in our social and economical systems. It will provide you with an outline of some of the main trends in future technologies and their application both in Dubai as well as globally through easy-to-grasp real life examples.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the role of technological innovation in economic and human development
  • Apply a more open minded and innovative mindset
  • Understand the emerging trends in technology
  • Analyse case studies of technological implementation in Dubai and the UAE
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Module 1
  • Introduction
  • What does it mean to innovate?
  • Thinking ahead
  • An open mind
  • Test your knowledge
Module 2
  • Adopting innovation
  • Why Technology Adoption Lags Behind Innovation
  • Let's reflect
  • Towards open mindedness
  • Being open to weak signals
  • The nature of change
  • The waves of change
  • Test your knowledge
Module 3
  • The UAE landscape
  • Non-ownership as the basis of value creation
  • Automation becomes mainstream
  • Cashless on-demand societies
  • Let's reflect
  • Take a guess
  • Blockchain and decentralised finance
  • Longevity and health
  • The rise of AI
  • Test your knowledge
Module 4
  • A blended existence
  • A changing education system
  • Nature based solutions
  • Test your knowledge
  • Futures diamonds