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The Future of Luxury Retail Technologies

In collaboration with


Dubai Future Accelerators, an initiative by Dubai Future Foundation, is supporting Richemont in solving their challenges in the field of luxury client experience.


We want to accelerate our ‘Luxury Retail Technologies’ where the boundaries between the different modes of shopping [online, offline, monobrand and multibrand] are completely dissolved, revolutionizing the shopping experience for consumers globally and elevating the human connection between the creators, curators and the consumers of luxury.

Our ambition is to blend the best of in-store and online shopping into a highly connected, valuable, and seamless experience for our clients. Recognizing that many of our most important assets have been in existence for over a century, the Group is managed with the objective of creating long term value for our clients. We do this by ensuring that our unique Maisons and businesses remain attractive and compelling through the timeless and unique creations they design and craft, as well as how they engage with clients delivering outstanding services and memorable experiences – in both the physical and digital worlds. Embracing innovative new technologies and challenging existing boundaries, will be key to delivering our ‘Luxury Retail Technologies’ ambitions.


  1. Client Experience : In a crowded mall environment, how to efficiently manage waiting time in boutiques while improving client experience and engagement?
  2. Online Experience : How to recruit a younger clientele on an Iconic collection through a unique and engaging online experience?


A 6-week in-residence program in Dubai taking place from 9 October 2023 to 17 November 2023 to showcase their concepts where Richemont will review, evaluate and finalise the winning companies.



The program will provide the following benefits

The flight, visa and accommodation for 2 participants

Zero equity in your business

Access to the AREA 2071 ecosystem & network

Connect with regional investors for accelerated company setup and formation process in Dubai

Access to senior decision makers within Richemont and top-level stakeholders in the UAE



Start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs from around the world with innovative solutions that enhance the retail luxury experience.

For any queries, please contact [email protected]