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AREA 2071

The AREA 2071 platform (the Platform) provides information in connection with our various innovative programs and applications for private and public sector organisations both within and outside Dubai and the United Arab Emirates (the AREA 2071 Programs) and to connect people within our community both locally and abroad.

If you choose to apply to an AREA 2071 Program via the Platform, such participation may be subject to separate terms which you may need to enter into with the relevant public or private sector entity that is the owner or sponsor of that AREA 2071 Program (Third Party Terms).  If there is any conflict or inconsistency between these Terms and the Third Party Terms, these Terms shall prevail.

We do not have any responsibility or liability for any on-boarding process for the Platform or any AREA 2071 Program, the selection or shortlisting process for any AREA 2071 Program, the awarding of any AREA 2071 Program or for information that you provide through the Platform or that you share with any third party.