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The World’s Largest Gathering of Futurists

27 & 28 November


Lina Valencia

National Planning Department, Colombia

Lina is a dynamic and optimistic individual. With a degree in international relations and a master’s in Latin American studies from France, she is a global thinker committed to driving change in her native Colombia. Returning to her homeland determined to contribute to tackle both structural challenges and emerging issues, Lina has forged a path of professional growth marked by pushing boundaries and embracing challenges. Over the past decade, Lina has held leadership positions within Colombia’s National Planning Department, currently serving as the Technical Director of Governance, Human Rights, and Peace. Her professional journey has spanned multiple fields, including migration, citizen participation, peace processes, ethnical approaches, and public innovation, among many others. Lina’s leadership skills have driven high-performance teams to achieve ambitious goals, even facing formidable obstacles. Both personally and professionally, Lina believes on motivating those around her to trust in their abilities and drive meaningful change.

Sessions Featuring:

Lina Valencia

Foresight Insights

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