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Rahma Ahmed


Rahma Ahmed stopped in her tracks when she saw the words “Your future” in an advertisement on coding on Facebook.

At the time, she was studying social science and didn’t feel it was the best field for her personality. She had always dreamed of a broader future.

She says: “I discovered that one cannot split from his ambitions and aspirations. Unless you work in the field you love, you won’t succeed and you won’t have ambition”.

Could the words she read in the ad provide the future she always dreamed of?

The answer was yes. Within a year, she developed a website after completing courses on coding through the One Million Arab Coders initiative. While this story was being told, her website visitors had reached more than 30,000.

She asked herself: “What will you do, Rahma?” after discovering her passion for coding and the happiness that comes with every clean code she writes. She discovered her ability to develop applications that facilitate her daily work. “I found a treasure,” she says.

To find a field that matches her dynamic personality and to find herself speaking the language of the present and future, Rahma had discovered a secret that must be shared with people.

If only she had known from a younger age that coding would help her excel. What if there had been more books, websites or guides that would have told her this? She would have definitely saved years of searching and nights of feeling frustrated and lost, she thought.