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Ehab Mohamed Fatha


Ehab Mohamed Fatha spends long days and nights building the company he founded that specializes in development of software and electronic programs.

After continuous hard work and dedication, he has achieved his dream and established his own business –Invent Technology.

Fifteen years ago, Ehab was at a very different crossroad when he decided to chase his ambition, using experience and knowledge to overcome many barriers he faced.

With pride and humility, he talks about the coding courses he pursued, which he credits for his success today in achieving his childhood dreams.

He has a degree in electronic engineering and is committed to a hands-on approach, keeping up with trends, especially as he does not believe in running a company secluded in an office away from all the action. Successful management, he says, requires persistence and supervision, and keeping up with all the details. 

Displayed on his desk are the three coding certificates he earned quite quickly. He took every opportunity from the One Million Arab Coders initiative to collect all the learnings, tricks and skills he needed to transform the ideas in his head into reality. Even in his leisure time, which he does not have a lot of these days, Ehab places the greatest importance on coding. On his YouTube channel, he shares the latest tricks he has discovered with his followers, and is working on a new application to identify and detect diseases in seedlings and plants.