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Future Foresight: Mastering Strategic Foresight and Shaping Long-Term Success

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This course fosters strategic foresight and long-term thinking by introducing effective futures methodological tools such as horizon scanning, scenarios planning, visioning, and road mapping. It will help participants hone their ability to identify and comprehend emerging trends that impact the organisation’s future. Participants will also learn to identify and overcome challenges through practical exercises and case studies.

*This course will be in Arabic


Modafar Akhoirshieda
Board member at the Association of Professional Futurists, Founder of Emkan Futures and host of Emkan Futures Podcast

Modafar Akhoirshieda is a futures thinker, foresight coach, and business development consultant with over 18 years of experience, with a focus on strategic thinking and informed decision-making. Modafar is a board member at the Association of Professional Futurists, and he helps people identify and understand emerging trends, and develop strategies to maximise their potential.

Modafar is the founder of Emkan Futures, a futures studies institution that aims to foster forward-thinking across MENA region and increase the relevant Arabic resources. He also hosts Emkan Futures podcast, where he interviews world-renowned futurists to discuss topics such as foresight, the future of humanity, and stellar exploration and more.


Delivery Format:

25–27 September 2023

9:00 AM — 4:00 PM

Emirates Towers, 3D Office

Registration Deadline:
20 September 2023

Target Audience:
Government employees, Business leaders Entrepreneurs, Students and researchers


AED 2,500
Per Participant


Day 1
  • Welcome & Intro
  • Intuition & Imagination
  • Future Orientation – Future Backwards
  • Foresight Fundamentals #1: Foresight as a Practice
  • Foresight Fundamentals #2: Develop a Foresight Mindset
  • Scanning the Future
  • Ways the Future Could be Different for Me\Us?
  • Foresight Fundamentals #3: Terminologies, What Does It Mean: Signals, Drivers/Trends
  • Linking Drivers & Signals
Day 2
  • Drivers Mapping
  • Foresight Fundamentals #4: The future is Here!
  • Signals & Consequences
  • Alt Futures & Scenarios
Day 3
  • Visioning Exercise
  • Foresight Fundamentals #5: From Foresight to Shaping the Future
  • Road Mapping
  • Foresight in Action
  • How Could You Use It in Your Context?

Learning Objectives and outcomes

Learning Objectives

  • Gain a solid understanding of various methodologies employed in developing alternative futures.
  • Acquire the know how in utilizing the foresight tools and techniques.
  • Develop the capability to employ future-oriented thinking as a strategic tool for driving organizational strategy and facilitating transformation.
  • Foster a deeper comprehension of self, leadership, and personal futures within the context of long-term organizational planning.

Learning outcomes

  • Improve decision-making capabilities and strategic agility by mastering the use of methodologies like Scenario Planning and Road mapping.
  • Encourage participants to explore their own personal futures and leadership styles.
  • Proficient application of future-oriented tools and templates at the workplace.
  • Enhanced networking opportunities with international experts and public sector colleagues from the UAE.
  • Recognition through certification of attendance from DFF.


Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to develop the skills for Strategic Foresight and Transformation!

Participant will be awarded a certificate upon completion.

For any support and inquiries, please contact: [email protected]