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The Goal of the Program is to Make Dubai Among the Top 10 Cities in the Adoption and Development of Robotics and Automation Technologies in the Next 10 Years

The Dubai Robotics and Automation (R&A) Program, developed by Dubai Future Foundation, aims to support future economy by developing, testing and adopting robotics and automation technologies in various key economic sectors and support performance of strategic efforts through a comprehensive governance framework..

5 Strategic Initiatives

Establishing a council for robotics and automation

Developing an act for the use of robots

Launching an academic excellence program

Creating experimental living labs for robotics and automation

Initiating an enterprise adoption program

5 Focus Areas

and Manufacturing

Consumer Services
and Tourism

Connected Mobility
and Logistics



10 Years Objectives

Boosting the contribution of Dubai’s GDP by 9%

Providing 200,000 robotic technologies to increase the efficiency and productivity in services, logistics, and the industrial sector, and enhance the competitiveness of Dubai’s economy