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The AI Journey: From Understanding to Application

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This course will provide participants with strong foundational knowledge of AI and Generative AI. It will bring them up to speed with the fast-paced AI industry allowing them to keep pace with the daily flood of news and updates. The course will demystify AI and Machine Learning concepts, explain real life use cases, and provide participants with hands-on training of AI tools for their daily office work to better serve their organizations’ needs.

The course blends education and entertainment, technology and business, and science fiction and reality. It adopts a storytelling style, visual demos, hands-on experiments, interactive quizzes and games with a sprinkle of art, literature, cinema and philosophy.


Alaa Dalghan
Managing Director of Cognit DX

Alaa Dalghan is the Managing Director of Cognit DX, a boutique advisory firm specialising in Technology Strategy, C-Level Advisory, Executive Training and Digital Transformation.

  • An evangelist of emerging tech and disruptive innovation, with a 17-year track record of advising C-level executives in public and private sectors on transforming their business with technology tools. 
  • Thought leader and regular keynote speaker in major tech conferences (80+ in last 10 years) 
  • Frequent TV and media appearances.
  • Hands-on experience in multiple industries in the private sectors as well as authorities in the public sector, which allowed him to gain practical, vertical-focused knowledge and understanding of the challenges faced by commercial and technical stakeholders in these fields. 
  • Conducted 55+ training workshops from 2015 to 2023 in 9 countries on the subjects of AI, Machine Learning, IoT, Big Data, Cloud, Blockchain, DeFi, 5G, Security and other disruptive technologies.

Basic understanding of Software and Tech, web literacy

Delivery Format:


11 -12 June 2024

9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Emirates Towers, 3D Office

Target Audience:
Open to everyone


AED 3,000
Per Participant


Day 1
  • Introduction to AI
  • A Brief History of AI
  • Big Data: The Lifeblood of AI
  • AI meets Emerging Technologies
  • Real Life Applications of AI from around the world
  • Machine Learning
  • AI & ML Landscape: The Machinery behind AI
Day 2
  • Introduction to Generative AI
  • Real-life Applications of Gen AI from around the world
  • Gen AI Chat Bots
  • Gen AI for Office Work & Productivity
  • Gen AI for Images, Design, AV, and Art
  • Gen AI Platforms
  • AI Threats & Challenges + Responsible & Ethical AI

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

Learning Objectives

  • Demystifying AI, Machine Learning and Neural Networks
  • Outline the vital role of Data in AI
  • Describe how AI is being used in real-life use cases across various industries
  • Explore how AI is used in real use cases for government services
  • Identify the Machinery behind AI: HW & SW Components
  • Demystifying Gen AI and Large Language Models
  • Practice Prompt Engineering to optimize LLM’s response,
  • Apply Gen AI tools hands-on in day-to-day office work: email, documents, excel sheets, presentations, meetings, etc.
  • Practice hands-on use of Gen AI tools to produce Images, Art, Designs, Audio, Video, and animations.
  • Identify the threats and challenges of AI, and responsible and ethical AI frameworks

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain strong AI fundamental understanding in a short period, and acquire the jargon and concepts to follow and understand the daily fast-paced developments in AI
  • Gain AI literacy and apply Gen AI tools in day-to-day office work
  • Use AI to enhance operations and services in their own organization


For any support and inquiries, please contact: [email protected]