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of Foresight


This course is an intensive introduction to the world of futures thinking and strategic foresight. It will provide participants with an outline of all the major futures studies and foresight methodologies and terms, including scenario planning, horizon scanning, weak signals and megatrends, systems thinking, Delphi method, wild cards etc. as well as some practical understanding of how to apply them.

The aim of this course is to provide a clear understanding of the key determinants of systematic futures thinking and foresight. To acquire knowledge of the basic methodologies of futures studies. To be able to draw conclusions from observations and build strategies and tactics regarding futures. 

Learning Outcomes:

·     Participants will understand the benefits of systematic futures thinking

·     Participants will know the basic futures studies methodologies

·     Participants will have a capacity to apply futures studies in your own work

·     Participants will be provided with a knowledge base for further courses and training at the Dubai Future Academy


·     Origins and development of futures thinking

·     Role of foresight in today’s world

·     Key concepts of foresight

·     Scenario planning, horizon scanning, megatrends, weak signals and wild cards

·     Ethics of foresight

·     How to apply foresight methods in our work

·     Exercises and groupwork 

Target audience:

·   This course is intended for government employees from all sectors and all levels.

·   This course will help participants grasp the basic methods of foresight, leading to better and more informed decisions about the future  


·   No prior knowledge is needed

·   Foundational courses are pre-requisites to progress to advanced courses